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Document-142 - Linn's - Circa 2003

Astrophile - Publication of The Space Unit
"First Day of Issue" Error Cancel
January 1983
1983 by Astrophile, The Space Unit and John Johnson
Document-144 Gemini XI NLP Error Cover, Astrophile

Astrophile - Publication of The Space Unit
"Around The Universe: NASA LOPOs - Parts 1 and 2"
Jan.-Feb. 2000, Vol.45, No. 254
Mar.-Apr. 2000, Vol.45, No. 255
2000 by Astrophile, The Space Unit and Richard Jepeal
Re-published with permission
PDF courtesy of Jim Roth, Editor, Astrophile
The Space Unit
Document-41 "Around The Universe: NASA LOPOs - Part 1"
Document-42 "Around The Universe: NASA LOPOs - Part 2"
Document-42A "Around The Universe: NASA LOPOs - Part 3"

"Sharp Eyed Space Cover Collector Finds Space Hall of Fame Error"

Document-03 SCCS NLP Catalog
Document-36 Errata Sheet for SCCS NLP Catalog
Document-31 Catalog Supplement - 1978 to 1982
Document-37 NLP Cover (FDC) List
Document-38 NLP Souvenir Sheet Chronological Order List
Document-51 Souvenir Sheets and Stamps Catalog
Document-81 Jet Star Cover Catalog
Document-82 Skylab Covers Catalog
Document-92 Space Shuttle Covers Catalog
Document-94 Catalog of All Covers Issued by the Space City Cover Society
Document-95 Space City Cover Society STS Covers
Document-96 Space City Cover Society STS Covers, later release
Document-99 Pioneer 11, SCCS Covers for Pioneer 11
Document-100 Catalog of NASA Local Post Issues, later release
Document-101 Apollo Soyuz Test Project Covers
Document-154 SCCS Unmanned Covers
Document-155 First Flight of the Challenger STS-6

Collect Space Message Board
Document-26 Collect Space Message Board Topic on SCCS looking for list of items
Document-27 Collect Space Message Board Topic on SCCS looking for list of items
Document-28 Collect Space Message Board Topic on SCCS Anderson

e-Bay/bidStart Auctions
Document-40 August 2010 bidStart Auction Listing NLP/SCCS Material (Large file - 49 pages)
Document-29 April 2011 e-Bay Auction Listing for 37 NLP souvenir sheets
Document-39 March 2012 e-Bay Auction Listing Documenting 163 SCCS Non-NLP Covers (1969-1994)
Document-53 October 2012 e-Bay Auction Listing NLP/SCCS Covers (Large file - 50 pages)
Document-112 September 2013 e-Bay Auction Listing for the SCCS Apollo 1 Memorial Cover
Document-145 July 2016 e-Bay Auction Listing for ASTP-1-NLP and ASTP-2-NLP Full Sheets
Document-147 January 2019 e-Bay Auction Listing for the SCCS Apollo 1 Memorial Cover
Document-148 April 2020 e-Bay Auction Listing for the SCCS Apollo 1 Memorial Cover
Document-150 November 2020 e-Bay Auction Listing for the Gemini 11 Error Cover
Document-178 September 2022 e-Bay Auction Listing for the SCCS Apollo 1 Memorial Cover

Heritage Auctions, Dallas, Texas
Document-47 Auction #6075, November 30, 2011, Lot 40040, Dallas

Document-01 SCCS Letter in response to Linn's Stamp News ad for the "NASA Local Post Package"
Document-02 SCCS History - Circa 1977
Document-48 Introducing...Space City Cover Society Brochure
Document-56 SCCS History - Circa 1970
Document-98 Introducing Space City Cover Society (Autographed)

Document-05 Letter to SCCS November 24, 1977
Document-07 Letter from SCCS April 19, 1978
Document-10 Letter to SCCS January 27, 1980
Document-12 Letter from SCCS February 7, 1980
Document-19 Letter to SCCS about SS-4-NLP order October 14, 1980
Document-23 Letter to SCCS inquiring about SS-4-NLP and PEM-5-NLP June 10, 1981
Document-25 Letter to SCCS complaining about orders not being received October 17, 1981
Document-58 Letter from SCCS to Mr. Huston of Ohio on September 2, 1977
Document-102 "Space City" letter to Joe Frasketi
Document-105 "Space City" letter to "Hans"
Document-116 "Space City" letter to Collectors
Document-121 Letter to Roland Mantovani from Harry Anderson
Document-122 Letter to Roland Mantovani from Harry Anderson
Document-128 Letter to SCCS by Roland Mantovani and Reply from SCCS regarding flying covers in space
Document-141 Compilation of Roland Mantovani documents dealing with covers ordered through SCCS and not being received
Document-166 Letter to collector from Jane Miller

News Releases
Document-93 SCCS News Release: Space City Cover Society to Observe 10th Year of NASA; P.O.D. Ignores Date (SE-2-NLP)

Document-04 November 18, 1977 Order
Document-06 May 1, 1978 Order
Document-18 July 6, 1980 Order
Document-20 March 14, 1981 Order

Philatelic Material
Document-108 Apollo 8 Commemorative Stamp First Day of Issue Ceremony Program - May 5, 1969

Price Lists
Document-54 - Circa 1970

Regency Superior Auction, St. Louis, Missouri and Los Angeles, California
Document-43 Auction #85, January 28-30, 2011, Lot 146, ORCOEXPO, Anaheim, California
Document-46 Auction #85, January 28-30, 2011, Lot 588, ORCOEXPO, Anaheim, California
Document-44 Auction #91, February 3-5, 2012, Lot 177, ORCOEXPO, Anaheim, California
Document-45 Auction #87, June 10-12, 2011, Lot 411, St. Louis, Missouri
Document-49 Auction #93, June 9-10, 2012, Lot 99, St. Louis, Missouri
Document-50 Auction #93, June 9-10, 2012, Lot 313, St. Louis, Missouri

ROMPEX (Rocky Mountain Philatelic Exhibition, Denver, Colorado)
Document-13 ROMPEX 1980 Certificate Of Participation
Document-14 ROMPEX Exhibit Pages - NASA Local Post
Document-52 ROMPEX '80 Official Program

SCCS Flyers/Bulletins
Document-08 Undated SCCS Flyer PEM-1-NLP
Document-11 Undated SCCS Flyer PEM-2-NLP
Document-15 Undated SCCS Flyer PEM-4-NLP
Document-16 Undated SCCS Flyer PEM-2-NLP and PEM-3-NLP
Document-17 Undated SCCS Flyer SS-4A-NLP and SS-4B-NLP
Document-21 Undated SCCS Flyer PEM-5-NLP
Document-24 September 1981 SCCS Flyer for SS-6-NLP
Document-30 Undated SCCS Flyer FD-1-NLP
Document-55 Undated SCCS Flyer Apollo 13 Silver Medal
Document-57 Undated SCCS Flyer Apollo 13 Souvenir Sheets - A-11-NLP/A-12-NLP
Document-59 Flyer - June 1979 Apollo 11 Anniversary
Document-60 Flyer - July 1979 Space Shuttle Orbiter Columbia
Document-61 Flyer - December 1978 Apollo 7, 8 & 11 Anniversaries, Shuttle OFT, TIFS, SPACEPEX
Document-62 Flyer - December 1981 Voyager 1 & 2, FLTSATCOM
Document-63 Flyer - December 1981 Voyager 1 & 2
Document-64 Flyer - September 1978 Jet Star Covers
Document-65 Flyer - June 1980 Dryden, Enterprise, Lunar Science Conferences
Document-66 Flyer - June 1978 Pioneer-Venus, Shuttle
Document-67 Flyer - Mar 1978 Shuttle, Skylab, Lunar Science Conference
Document-68 Flyer - March 1979 Shuttle, Voyager 1
Document-69 Flyer - May 1980 Apollo 12 & 13
Document-70 Flyer - May 1981 Shuttle
Document-71 Flyer - October 1979 TIFS
Document-72 Flyer - June 1978 Manned Space Patches
Document-73 Flyer - September 1978 Shuttle, New Astronauts, Apollo 15
Document-74 Flyer - September 1979 Shuttle
Document-75 Flyer - September 1981 STS-2
Document-76 Flyer - July 1979 Skylab Crashes
Document-77 Flyer - May 1981 Space Commemorative Stamps
Document-78 Flyer - Undated Space Commemorative Stamps
Document-79 Flyer - Undated Shuttle
Document-80 Flyer - July 1978 Viking Stamp
Document-97 Challenger Explodes...Crew of 7 Killed...Space Shuttle Mission 51-L January 28, 1986
Document-103 "Space City", Columbia STS-107 Covers
Document-104 Flyer - Moon Landing First Day Items
Document-106 Flyer - Hans Groth Engraved Cover; Apollo 13 Silver Coin
Document-107 Flyer - HOUPEX '63 The Space City Stamp Show
Document-113 Flyer - SMEAT, Pioneer 10
Document-114 Flyer - Apollo 11, From Launch to Splashdown
Document-115 Flyer - Challenger 51-L Covers
Document-116 Flyer - Apollo Covers
Document-117 Flyer - Mission to Mars
Document-118 Flyer - Apollo Covers
Document-119 Flyer - Shuttle Covers
Document-120 Flyer - Apollo 11 35th Anniversary
Document-124 Flyer - STS-5 Covers February 1983 #3
Document-125 Flyer - STS-7 Event Covers July 1983 #17
Document-126 Flyer - STS-7 Special Event Covers August 1983 #17B
Document-127 Flyer - Other STS-7 Event Covers September 1983 #17C
Document-129 Flyer - STS-9 Event Covers & Apollo 16 Medals STS-9 #21C
Document-130 Flyer - NASA is Looking for Astronauts Again April 84 #3
Document-131 Flyer - Special Event Covers for Shuttle 41-C Mission June 84 #2A
Document-132 Flyer - Satellite Retrieval, Repair & Re-Launch 1984 #2B
Document-133 Flyer - 41-D Pre-Mission Covers 1984 #5A
Document-134 Flyer - STS 41-D Mission Covers 1984 #5B
Document-137 Flyer - Retired Astronauts 86 Misc Ret
Document-140 Flyer - STS-26 Bulletin Special STS-26B
Document-143 Flyer - STS-8 Mission Event Covers
Document-149 Flyer - Gemini 11 Error Cover
Document-151 Flyer - We Lost Our Printer!
Document-152 Flyer - Houston...We've Got A Problem/Apollo Mission Event Covers
Document-153 Flyer - Changes in the Astronaut Corps at the Johnson Space Center
Document-156 Flyer - Tenth Anniversary of Apollo 11
Document-157 Flyer - Special Sale of Apollo 11 Covers
Document-158 Flyer - American Teacher to be First in "Citizen for Space" Program
Document-161 Flyer - Voyager 2 and Uranus
Document-162 Flyer - Voyager 2...and its Past Events
Document-163 Flyer - Mission 61-B for Atlantis
Document-164 Flyer - Remote Manipulator System Lost on 51-L
Document-165 Flyer - The Balance of Covers for Challenger's 51-L Mission
Document-167 Flyer - 1978 35 Astronaut Trainees
Document-168 Flyer - Challenger's Crew Members
Document-169 Flyer - The SCCS "Classic Covers" Period
Document-170 Flyer - Double Cancels for 51-L
Document-171 Flyer - The First Space Shuttle Astronauts Applicants
Document-172 Flyer - Ride Study Recommends Manned Moon Base By Year 2000
Document-173 Flyer - STS-26 Discovery's Flight...the Re-Birth of America's Space Program
Document-174 Flyer - Challenger 51-L Anniversary Covers
Document-175 Flyer - The New "E" Stamp...A Space Issue
Document-176 Flyer - Apollo 11 $2.40 Priority Mail Stamp
Document-177 Flyer - 20th Anniversary of Apollo 11...Houston Events

SCCS Space Log
Document-09 SCCS Space Log November 1979
Document-22 Space Log February 1981 - Page 4
Document-83 Space Log - August 1978
Document-84 Space Log - August 1981
Document-85 Space Log - December 1979
Document-86 Space Log - February 1978
Document-87 Space Log - February 1981
Document-88 Space Log - March 1979
Document-89 Space Log - May 1978
Document-90 Space Log - November 1979
Document-91 Space Log - October 1978
Document-109 Space Log - April 1971
Document-110 Space Log - June 1971
Document-111 Space Log - December 1971
Document-123 Space Log - September 1982
Document-135 Space Log - January 1986
Document-136 Space Log - June 1986
Document-138 Space Log - November 1986
Document-139 Space Log - January 1987
Document-159 Space Log Volume 15 - December 1985
Document-160 Space Log Volume 16 - January 1986

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