NASA Local Post (NLP) and Space City Cover Society (SCCS)

Early SCCS FDC (1967)

In Memoriam - Apollo 1 Crew
1st SCCS Cover
Generic NASA Cachet is found in three colors: Orange, Green and Blue.
A purple colored cachet was discovered in 2014.
A total of 98 covers were produced (includes all cachet colors)
Issue Date/Circa: 1967/01/27
Reference Documents: Document-48
How the covers were created

Green Cachet courtesy of Dennis Dillman

Two different Houston, Texas, cancels were used

Astronaut Givens Dies
4th SCCS Cover
Pearland, Texas Cancel
Issue Date/Circa: 1967/06/06
Reference Document: Document-48

Scientist Astronaut Group
5th SCCS Cover
Issue Date/Circa: 1967/08/04
Dr. Karl G. Henize's last name printed as "Nenize" (Error)
Reference Document: Document-48

First U.S. "Twin" Stamps Kennedy Space Center
Issue Date/Circa: 1967/09/29

Space Twin Stamps FDC
Issue Date/Circa: 1967/09/29

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