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All of the covers shown below are considered First Day covers of the NASA
Local with the exception of SE-05-NLP-FDC-2 and SE-05-NLP-FDC-3.

In Memoriam 1966 - 1967 1st Anniversary of Apollo 1 Crew
9th SCCS Cover

Catalog Number: SE-01-NLP-FDC
Issue Date/Circa: 1968/01/27
Reference Document: Document-48

Newspaper Article: Indiana Evening Gazette - January 8, 1968

10th Anniversary - NASA Established

Catalog Number: SE-02-NLP-FDC
Issue Date/Circa: 1968/10/01
Reference Document: Document-93

Covers with each of the Historic Flag Series Commemorative Issue of 1968.

Walter M. Schirra, Jr. - Retires

Catalog Number: SE-03-NLP-FDC
Issue Date/Circa: 1969/06/01
Green NLP Cancel


Catalog Number: SE-03-NLP-FDC-1
Issue Date/Circa: 1969/06/01
Red NLP Cancel

National Space Hall of Fame, Ten Space Pioneers, Initial Honorees

Catalog Number: SE-04-NLP-FDC
Issue Date/Circa: 1969/09/26

The National Space Hall of Fame - First Annual Honors Awards Dinner Program

Awards Dinner Program Error

In Memoriam - Apollo 1 Crew (3rd Anniversary)

Catalog Number: SE-05-NLP-FDC-1
Issue Date/Circa: 1970/01/27

In Memoriam - Apollo 1 Crew (5th Anniversary)

Catalog Number: SE-05-NLP-FDC-2
Issue Date/Circa: 1972/01/27

Houston Cancel

In Memoriam - Apollo 1 Crew (5th Anniversary)

Catalog Number: SE-05-NLP-FDC-3
Issue Date/Circa: 1972/01/27

Kennedy Space Center Cancel

First Manned Moon Orbit, Frank Borman, Retires July 1, 1970

Catalog Number: SE-06-NLP-FDC
Issue Date/Circa: 1970/07/01

First Man On The Moon, Neil A. Armstrong, Retires July 1, 1970

Catalog Number: SE-07-NLP-FDC
Issue Date/Circa: 1970/07/01

Autograph by Neil Armstrong

Cooper Retires July 31, 1970

Catalog Number: SE-08-NLP-FDC
Issue Date/Circa: 1970/07/31

Autograph by Gordon Cooper

Dr. Robert H. Goddard (25th Anniversary)
Baltimore, MD Cancel

Catalog Number: SE-09-NLP-FDC
Issue Date/Circa: 1970/08/10

Marshall Space Flight Center (10th Anniversary Dr. Von Braun)
Huntsville, AL Cancel

Catalog Number: SE-10-NLP-FDC
Issue Date/Circa: 1970/09/08

Autographed by Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger

Autographed by Dr. Johann G. Tschinkel

Autographed by Adolf Thiel

1st Helicopter Mail Delivery - NASA To General Post Office
Houston, Texas, Granville W. Elder, P.M.
Golden Anniversary U.S. Air Mail Service
1918 - May 15th - 1968
Rubber stamp imprinted local
12th SCCS Cover
A total of 750 covers were produced

Catalog Number: SE-11-NLP-FDC
Issue Date/Circa: 1968/05/15
Reference Document: Document-48,   Forgery

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