NASA Local Post (NLP) and Space City Cover Society (SCCS)

SCCS Space Album

In the early 1970's SCCS created a loose-leaf binder with unique pages for
various space missions featuring cancels and covers.   The page design was
quite unique as it resembled a folder containing pages with a cancel or cover
and data sheets with information on the specific mission and or the program
covering the specific mission.   Very little is known about album or the pages
included in the album.   The Space Album is referenced in
the June 1971 Space Log.

The "folder" was made of card stock with a graphic representing the mission
being featured.   The folder was 16" wide by 11" tall and was folded to allow
for a 3/4" gutter on the left edge of the folder.   The gutter was three-hole punched
for placement into an album.   The "flap" contained the mission graphic and opened
to the right, revealing the pages in the "folder".   The pages in the "folder" contained
a postal service cancellation or cover featuring the mission and historical information.
Some of the "folder" pages were blank, but featured a mission logo border.   The
purpose of the blank pages is not known.

Recently several items surfaced and are believed to be part of the Space Album.
Links to those items are shown below. (PDF format)

Project Gemini - Space Walks

Apollo 17

Apollo Soyuz Test Project
Album Aids

Decade of Achievement Stamps (Apollo 15)

Document-40, "bidStart Auction Listing NLP/SCCS Material", contains several
images of what is also believed to be Space Album pages.   A link to those images
is also shown below.

Images from Document 40

2" Binder Covers

Two decorative cover binders have been discovered containing pages for numerous
NLP and SCCS covers.   The pages that have also surfaced are shown in the Album
Page Index.   This is not likely to be a complete set of pages.   It is not known how
many binders or pages were created.


Album Pages Index

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