NASA Local Post (NLP) and Space City Cover Society (SCCS)

Special Events Souvenir Sheets

The souvenir sheets for "Special Events" are of one basic style and all of them are similar.
All ten have a horizontal sheet layout, and each sheet has twelve bi-colored 5 cent locals.
The locals in sheets number SE-1-NLP, SE-2-NLP, SE-3-NLP, SE-5-NLP, SE-6-MLP and
SE-7-NLP are diamond-shaped. The locals in the other sheets are horizontal format. All
sheets have inscriptions at top and the bottom and numbers SE-4-NLP, SE-6-NLP
and SE-7-NLP have additional inscriptions on the left and right sides.

In Memoriam 1966 - 1967 1st Anniversary of Apollo 1 Crew

Catalog Number: SE-01-NLP
Chronological Number: 05
Issue Date/Circa: 1968/01/27
Original Purchase Price: $0.60

Newspaper Article: Indiana Evening Gazette - January 8, 1968

10th Anniversary - NASA Established

Catalog Number: SE-02-NLP
Chronological Number: 09
Issue Date/Circa: 1968/10/01
Original Purchase Price: $0.60
Reference Document: Document-93

SE-2-NLP Large Unperforated Sheet 8.5" X 11" in size

Walter M. Schirra, Jr. - Retires

Catalog Number: SE-03-NLP
Chronological Number: 17
Issue Date/Circa: 1969/06/01
Original Purchase Price: $0.60

National Space Hall of Fame, Ten Space Pioneers, Initial Honorees

Catalog Number: SE-04-NLP
Chronological Number: 23
Issue Date/Circa: 1969/09/26
Original Purchase Price: $0.60

The National Space Hall of Fame - First Annual Honors Awards Dinner Program

In Memoriam - Apollo 1 Crew (3rd Anniversary)

Catalog Number: SE-05-NLP
Chronological Number: 27
Issue Date/Circa: 1970/01/27
Original Purchase Price: $0.60

First Manned Moon Orbit, Frank Borman, Retires July 1, 1970

Catalog Number: SE-06-NLP
Chronological Number: 36
Issue Date/Circa: 1970/07/01
Original Purchase Price: $0.60

First Man On The Moon, Neil A. Armstrong, Retires July 1, 1970

Catalog Number: SE-07-NLP
Chronological Number: 37
Issue Date/Circa: 1970/07/01
Original Purchase Price: $0.60

Cooper Retires July 31, 1970

Catalog Number: SE-08-NLP
Chronological Number: 38
Issue Date/Circa: 1970/07/31
Original Purchase Price: $0.60

Dr. Robert H. Goddard (25th Anniversary)

Catalog Number: SE-09-NLP
Chronological Number: 39
Issue Date/Circa: 1970/08/10
Original Purchase Price: $0.60

Marshall Space Flight Center (10th Anniversary Dr. Von Braun)

Catalog Number: SE-10-NLP
Chronological Number: 42
Issue Date/Circa: 1970/09/08
Original Purchase Price: $0.60

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