NASA Local Post (NLP) and Space City Cover Society (SCCS)

Information & Notes on the Catalog

The Website Catalog

The items shown on the website are from my collection and from what other collectors have provided. It is by no means a complete catalog. A complete catalog of every item that was produced by NLP or SCCS does not seem to exist. And, since it seems that NLP and SCCS no longer exists, there is no resource for obtaining that information. There may well be items produced that are not shown on the website. If you have something not shown, please let me know so that it can be included on the site. Where no information/image exists, the "No Image Available" graphic will be shown. Submissions can be sent to: Webmaster.

Catalog Number

The Catalog Numbers shown on the site are taken from the SCCS catalog. Items not shown in the SCCS catalog have been assigned a catalog number based on the SCCS numbering system.

The first letter(s) of the Catalog Number indicates category of the item and is shown by the category name on the Stamps/Souvenir Sheets Index and the First Day Covers Index. The category indicator is followed by a number or numbers showing a sequential order for the category. The number(s) are followed by the letters "NLP" for NASA Local Post.

First Day Covers (FDC) will be indicated by the letters FDC following the NLP letters in the catalog number. First Day Cover catalog numbers may show a number(s) or letter(s) following the FDC letters to indicate a variation of the original cover. The variation may be a different cancellation date or city, or a color variation of the NLP local cancel or cachet. Variations that have not been confirmed will not be assigned a catalog number until they are confirmed.


Initially, SCCS/NLP released only "normal" copies of stamps, souvenir sheets and covers. SCCS/NLP strived to make sure that errors, uncut or imperforate items did not make it into the public hands. However, due to SCCS/NLP no longer being in business; uncut, imperforate, sample and large size sheets and items have appeared for sale through numerous sources and have made it into public hands.

No data has been found on quantities or number of items produced. This information appears to have been intentionally withheld to keep the purchase or outside sales prices held to a minimum cost to benefit the collector. One of the primary goals of SCCS/NLP was to promote the Space Program and its activities by offering collectibles at very reasonable prices. Even when the $3.00 Private Express Mail stamps were released, the collector was able to purchase them at minimal cost and was never forced to pay face value of the stamps.

Original Purchase Price

The data shown for the Original Purchase Price comes from the SCCS Catalog and is the price that the souvenir sheets or covers were initially sold for by NLP/SCCS.

Issue Dates

Issue dates are based on the First Day Cover cancellation date for the stamps and therefore become the date of release or date of first use.

Chronological Number

The chronological number is based on the date of release/first use and shows the order sequence of when the stamps/souvenir sheets were first released or used.

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